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Global Booking System

Go to the new booking page One of our latest web applications is an advanced booking system for small to medium sized limousine and taxi companies.

It is designed to make the administration of such a company easy, efficient and is above all client orientated and users friendly.

The system can be integrated into your existing website. Once you sign up we will provide you with a tutorial explaining the functionalities and features how to.

You may ask your web designer to integrate it in your web site or we can do this for you if you prefer.



For a detailed functions list of the administration possibilities please read the manual for company administrators.


You can enter a demo version of the booking system as an admin.

Car services and Taxi's bookings system, main page

URL: demo.bs.ltxweb.com

Admins ID: Demo

Admins ID: Demo2

Client ID: clint

Driver ID: mel

Password: 123456


We have very faithful clients and we are committed in offering you the best service possible, hence there is no long term contract required.

You sign up, you test it , we know that you'll be very happy and satisfied. If youdecide to keep it in the end of the month you pay a small fee every month as longas you like to use the system. It is that simple!

We shall continuously work to improve it, listen to your ideas, requests or adviceand we shall add new features in the future so you will be able to do your work faster and serve your clients better. The pricing depends on the total amount of users, the sooner you will sign up the less it will cost.

This is because as the total amount of users is growing, we have to update the hardware and add more servers to be able to continuously provide the best quality of services possible. We use our own dedicated servers in Brussels Belgium, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Houston Texas in US.

We are also offering a 30 day trial

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* The limits listed for the 'Professional' account are not fixed and will be extended if needed.