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In addition to your initial project web site or web application development and creation, we can offer you the services listed below as well.
These services could be either included in the original development agreement or could paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Web Hosting in Dedicated European and US servers

The hosting of a website ensures that it is available on the internet. This service can usually be obtained from a web hosting company.

However we can offer you the possibility to host your website or web application in our dedicated servers located in Brussels Belgium, Amsterdam in the Netherlands or Houston Texan in U.S.A.

Maintenance, after sales technical support.

This usually entails: checking if the website is working properly, updating text content, optimizing the site for SEO (Search Engine Optimization ), implementing your new ideas in existing context or adding new pages and features to the original project etc.

Domain Registration

A domain is literaly the name of your website, for example 'google.com'. The registration of a domain is not free. This is done by a domain registrar. A fee for the maintenance of the domain must be paid to the registrar upon registration and is recurring every year. We can advice you where and how to do your domain registration and maintenance or you can leave this task to us as well.